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Estate Planning in Missoula

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Even while asset development and income planning seem to take center stage in retirement preparation, we must also accept the inevitable. How will your estate be handled after your death? The estate planning process assists you in determining the worth of your assets, choosing how to pass those assets on to your heirs, and developing methods to minimize taxes and any additional financial burden placed on your loved ones.

Estate planning for business owners adds a new dimension: Who will run the company after you? What will happen to the labor of your life? How about your staff?

It’s understandable why this process frequently turns confused and upsetting. To assist you in making the best estate planning decisions possible, we put together a team of specialists. You can put together a thorough plan that complies with your ultimate intentions with the help of tax experts, insurance specialists, financial consultants, and estate planning lawyers.


Making sure your loved ones will be financially secure when you pass away is likely your main concern when creating an estate plan. You also want to leave a legacy to a particular nonprofit or local group. We’ll support you in achieving those objectives while pointing you in the direction of the most effective approaches.



Comprehensive financial planning concentrates on tax-saving methods in addition to your assets. Depending on how your assets are divided, your entire estate can be subject to substantial estate taxes after you pass away. You don’t want your heirs to be compelled to sell off assets to cover the tax burden!
Because of this, it’s crucial to distribute your assets among trusts, several types of life insurance, and other structures. The correct financial plan won’t just concentrate on accumulating assets; it will also consider how to protect them from being overtaxed after your death.



Trusts have many advantages, but they can also make your inheritance strategy more difficult. You can manage your trust(s) while achieving your long-term goals by seeking our professional advice.



Advisors frequently make the error of concentrating just on asset maintenance rather than integrating an estate plan into a client’s long-term strategy. Actually, you don’t want to deplete your estate with all it’s assets that your surviving spouse forfeits money. We collaborate together with your lawyer and tax expert to secure your assets while keeping that crucial tax exclusion for your spouse.

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